Sunday, December 6, 2015


Me being 26,

Mom, aunty, grandma, all been asking me when to get married?

Other cousins with same age have got married. Even my little sister got married before me. Guess what, they are all women.

Most of my friends also have gotten their first child this year. Spamming my newsfeed in Facebook and instagram home feed everyday. No offense, congrats to them.

The issue right now is why push me to get married.

because everybody around me mostly got married.?
because i am old already. 26 is old if you are single..?
because i am the next in line in the family who should get married?
because life's get expensive?
because i am lonely?

Marriage is a matter of heart. From inside.

Feelings. Commitment.

I failed in bf-gf commitment. How do me expect in husband-wife commitment..

I am not a good boyfriend material. I am sorry to all the girls out there i hurt.

But i definitely sure is a good friend material. I am.

Being single is free. Free from taking care of someone's heart.

I can wake up anytime without sending "Good Morning" text to someone.
I can sleep anytime i want and not worry not reply anyone's messages.
I can do whatever i want without giving anyone attention in the other side of the planet.
I can ignore the world without hurting anyone's feeling.

I work everyday. Attend meeting from time to time.
I go to gym every night.
I hang out with bunch of friends.
I watch movies alone.
I love "me time" in the room watching television.
I travel a lot.

That's the life i am living right now.

Being ignorant and free.

Though bit lonely, it's freedom.

No matter how much i want to have a wife and start a family, i am not ready yet. At least for now.

Dont push me.
Dont ask me.
Don't question me.
Just like asking married couple without kids when to have kids, it's rude.

My time will come.

No pressure.

Just follow the flow the wind blow. 🌬

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